Whitepaper: Creating an employment services future that works for providers and jobseekers WORKING PROGRESS

The Australian employment services market is facing a critical shift in how it supports a new generation of jobseekers into meaningful employment while maintaining a sustainable business model into the future.

With a new employment services model and COVID-19 combining to cause a profound digital shift, there is an emphasis on longer-term jobseekers achieving employment and consolidation and competition.

The winning providers of tomorrow will need all the thinking, technology, and tools available to make 'working' work for them, jobseekers, and employers.

Read the whitepaper, Working Progress: Creating an employment services future that works for providers and jobseekers, to learn strategies to help you improve jobseeker outcomes, make use of digital, and show business progress.

In the whitepaper, we cover:


Jobseeker progress

How to achieve long-term positive outcomes for jobseekers and ensure they progress effectively along the 'pathways' to employment.


Provider progress

Ways to make the jobseeker lifecycle more streamlined and sophisticated by rethinking the end-to-end operations from the provider's side.


Digital progress

How to utlise technology in business operations and achieve significant impacts on both the business and jobseeker caseloads.

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